CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan criticises the previous one over the Maha firefighting work in Madhya Pradesh.

Shivraj Singh Chouhan took a swipe at ex-chief minister Kamal Nath . Nath was sent to Maharashtra by AICC chief Sonia Gandhi as a troubleshooter amid the regions ongoing political crisis .

INDOREBHOPAL: CM Shivraj Singh Chouhan took a swipe at ex CM Kamal Nath, who was sent to Maharashtra by AICC chief Sonia Gandhi as a troubleshooter amid the region's ongoing political crisis.Chouhan said at a campaign rally in Ujjain on Thursday that someone who failed to save his own state in Madhya Pradesh is now being sent to help Shiv Sena in Maharashtra.Kamal Nath has left for Maharashtra.Why was he sent there to serve the country?

Ye ajab-gajab kand hai (this is a strange situation).Is this Congress really doing anything for you?It should.Chouhan said it is taking the last breaths.

The BJP has nominated a mayoral candidate for Satna, but Congress has given the ticket to a sitting MLA (Siddharth Kushwaha).According to Chouhan, PCC chief Kamal Nath could not find a candidate other than his MLA.Since no other worker has been elected to the Congress group, the MLA will run for mayororal office as well, he said.Chouhan, who spoke at a public rally to seek votes for BJP candidates, said, I want to ask you, did Congress ever give free rations?

Prime Minister Narendra Modi is sending 5 kg of grains, and Mama is sending 5 more kg.Beware, the poor will not sleep empty stomach in this state.Chouhan said that he removed a lot of names from the Sambal Yojana beneficiaries list when Nath was chief minister.He abandoned the scheme.

According to him, no poor individual will live in a kuchha house anymore; all poor families will be given grants in the next two years to design pucca homes, he said.The CM said on Kushwaha, The mayoral candidate for the Congress here is saying that being an MLA is nothing special.He has his eyes on it since I have given him Rs 1,000 crore to support the Smart City initiative.Kamal Nath was the state's chief minister for 15 months, but he only ruined it.