CNG price spike causes worry among auto drivers.

Car drivers say the price hike in Delhi-NCR is impacting their lives . The bulk of their earnings is spent on refueling the vehicle .

New Delhi, India, May 15: Car drivers have expressed concern about the price hike in Delhi-NCR on Sunday, claiming that the rise is impacting their lives.According to an auto mechanic, the bulk of their earnings is spent on refueling the vehicle.Our lives are affected by the rise of CNG prices.Our income is equal to the cost of gas.

Customers aren't willing to pay extra.What are we going to eat and earn?It's affecting our lives so much that we must determine whether we'll be able to buy a vegetable for the day or not, he said.With an increase in CNG prices, he said there are not many customers anymore.

Only 2 percent of passengers are on board.The automaker said there is no profit for us.It is having an effect on our lives, according to Sumit Kumar, an auto mechanic.There are no savings.

Shiv Shankar, a commercial vehicle driver, said that the rise in CNG is affecting lives.In the last six months, CNG prices have increased by around 40 rupees.It impacts our lives.With the new increase, Indraprastha Gas Limited (IGL) has increased the price of Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) by Rs 2 per kg in Delhi-NCR, Rs 73.61 per kg in Delhi, Rs 76.17 per kg in Noida, and Rs 81.94 in Gurugram.

In Rewari, CNG is priced at Rs 84.07 per kg; Rs 82.27 per kg in Karnal and Kaithal; Rs 85.40 in Kanpur, Hamirpur, Fatehpur, and Ajmer, Pali, and Rajsamand.