Coimbatore: 85-year-old woman slain over gold jewellery

Police suspect she was murdered during a robbery attempt . Police found her body gagged with duct tape and coiled her hands with the same .

COIMBATORE: On Friday noon, an 85-year-old woman was discovered strangled to death at her house near Sulur.Police suspect she was murdered during a robbery attempt, according to police.According to family members of the woman, a gold chain and a ring weighing 3.5 sovereigns were missing from the body.The deceased man was identified as C Sarojini, of Gandhi Nagar in Chinthamanipudur, according to Sulur police.

Sarojini was surviving by two sons who were living at Pappampatti Pirivu with their families, according to a police officer.Sarojini rented out a room to Krishnan, a district in Dharmapuri, a few months earlier, according to the officer.Krishnan and his son-in-law were in the room and doing mat sales.Selvi, a Sarojinis neighbor, went to visit her on Friday noon, according to the officer.

Sarojini was discovered dead when she reached her house.Sarojini was gagged with duct tape and coiled her hands with the same, according to the murderers.Selvi alerted her neighbors, who rushed to the scene and alerted the Sulur police, who dumped the body to the Coimbatore Medical College Hospital for a postmortem.V Badrinarayanan, the district superintendent of police, also visited the crime scene.

We suspect that the duo murdered the elderly lady on Thursday.The Sulur police department has registered a murder investigation and formed a special squad to apprehend the suspects.