Confrontation at Batla House: only staircase sealed off by police, no way to flee, claims Shahzad's attorney, who is serving a life sentence.

Shahzad Ahmad was a life prisoner in the Batla House encounter case of September 19, 2008 . The trial court tried and sentenced him to life in prison .

New Delhi, September 23 : The only staircase in the Batla House confrontation was cordoned off by Delhi Police, and there was no other way to escape from Batla House's flat L-18, according to the Delhi High Court's counsels.Shahzad was a life prisoner in the Batla House encounter case of September 19, 2008.Inspector Mohan Chand Sharma, who was leading the police force during the Batla House shooting, was convicted and sentenced to life in prison by a trial court.According to Justices Siddharth Mridul and Amit Sharma, the terrorists opened fire on Delhi Police personnel.

On the next day, the counsel will bring a case on the related ballistic record.Satish Tamta, a senior advocate, read over the claims of 7 eyewitnesses who witnessed the incident and who were the police officers present at the flat.Shahzad was reportedly escaped from the flat after firing Mohan Chand Sharma during the operation, according to reports.Senior advocate Tamta argued that the Delhi Police cordoned off the area and the building.

There was no escape route from the prison cell.The prison cell's counsel also issued a series of photographs depicting the adjacent buildings to L18.Shahzad Ahmad's counsel argued that the remaining buildings were under iron grills and there was no way to escape.Shahzad Ahmad has sought an appeal against the Saket District Court's verdict and sentence on July 30, 2013.He was found guilty of murdering, attempting to murder, obstructing and assaulting public servants, and brutally assaulting police officers, among them being a petition brought by Delhi Police for the enlargement of punishment for Shahzad Ahmad.

Ariz has filed a protest through her solicitor, Ariz Khan.Shahzad fled the area and was arrested later, according to Delhi police.The trial court tried and sentenced him to life in prison.Ariz Khan was arrested and charged with a supplementary charge sheet shortly after.

The Delhi Police team had reached the Batla House neighborhood for inputs to capture the Indian Mujahideen agents who were responsible for the serial explosions on September 13, 2008.