Congress and BJP argue in Karnataka on a poster problem.

Congress claims PM Modi mocked Siddaramaiah administration in similar fashion . BJP president P Rajeev says Congress is sponsoring a cheap initiative to win political prizes in the 2023 elections .

BENGALURU: On Thursday, the PayCM poster controversy resurfaced in the legislative assembly, where the BJP accused Congress of sponsoring a cheap initiative to win political prizes in the 2023 assembly elections.However, the Congress reacted angrily, claiming that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had mocked the Siddaramaiah administration in a similar fashion.On Wed n e s d ay, posters depicting chief minister Basavaraj Bommais' face on a QR code titled PayCM were spotted in a few Bengaluru locations.They were apparently put up at the behest of Congress.

Has it come to a point where the CM has to face this?We will investigate this issue and take the appropriate steps.The government will not reverse, whether it is Congress or someone else involved.We are also contemplating stopping using cyber, audio, or video recordings to insult someone.

Speaker Vishweshwar Hegde Kageri inquired who the villains were since he didn't name the perpetrators.Several BJP legislators concurred with this argument, according to several BJP lawmakers.Congress Krishna Byre Gowda, who is intervening, said: 'Let Rajeev speak on the notice he has given him.Instead, he is making a rhetorical argument.

Rajeev claimed that Congress spokeswoman and legislator P r i y a n k Kharge had admitted that the meeting was being conducted as a push.Rajeev said that the CM's post is a constitutional one.A Congress-sponsored effort for political gain is ascribed to using the CMs photo in this manner.Byre Gowda responded: Are we here to celebrate your government and its deeds?