Congress has no moral standing to discuss corruption, according to Karnataka CM Bommai

Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said Congress has scams at every level . He said the BJP had published a book on the Corruption of the Congress Party .

On Friday, Bengaluru (Karnataka) (India) — Congress has scams at every level and it has no moral right to talk about corruption, said Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai, who said that the BJP had published a book on the Corruption of the Congress Party and that being corrupt they are doing a abhiyan on corruption.Members of Congress believe that repeating the same thing will mean the same thing, but that time has come.People know whats true.The Association published a letter a year earlier.

Several office bearers have complained about graft in the state legislature, including KR Ramesh Kumar, and others, and the leaders themselves have reported it.But the Congress leaders haven't replied.Ramesh Kumar had openly stated that they were at the mercy of the Congress for generating assets that were sufficient for the next three generations.The Congress leaders are voicing their opinion on this issue, and the issue has been discussed in their organization.

We're set for a discussion, he said.The Chief Minister said they must gather any facts and figures from the debate and not hit and run.Siddaramaiah, the leader of the Opposition in the State Legislative Assembly, must state who received the 40% commission.We were ready to hear, and for this reason, we sat in the Room for the entire day.

It could have been discussed last week only.The Opposition leader has the ability to address any issue any time, but there is no consensus among them.The Contractors Association, according to the Chief Minister, was a Congress-sponsored organization, so they knew well that there was no junk in it and that there were no concrete allegations.In this regard, the government is transparent and prepared to investigate if a complaint is lodged.

We have Contractors Association President Kempanna, who on the one hand listens to his political subordinates and has not released a slip of evidence.On the other hand, they have Justice Kempanna, who was president of a judicial commission while the Congress Party was in power, he said.We have a lot of respect for him.However, President Kempanna of the Contractors Association refused to provide any details.

Minister N Muniratna has already filed a lawsuit and asked him to file documents within ten days.No proof has been provided to support his accusations despite a notice sent to him.A defamation suit has been filed.Contractor Kempanna has sent a letter indicating that the government has made several amendments and order in this regard, according to the CM.

Since the head of Lokayukta belongs to the judiciary, all pertinent papers can be submitted there, allowing for the investigation to begin on Saturday, according to Bommai.During two weeks of a joint session of the State Legislature, many issues were discussed, with hundreds of responses being sent.During four days of deliberation on this subject, all lawmakers were briefed about the flooding situation.Revenue Minister R Ashol has issued a response on the issue.

He said meetings with the officials were held to take the necessary steps in this direction to implement everything discussed and replied in the House.Several topics were discussed that were not intended to be debated for politics.Opposition parties have ridiculed issues such as the PSI recruitment fraud.They've discussed what all the government has done on these issues, but they haven't done anything else.

The then Government refused to give CID a FIR against DIG Sridharan in connection with the alleged police constables recruitment controversy and asked permission to investigate.If the guilty were punished, they would have been punished, but it would not have been true.The cop has resigned from the service, but he has been released and filed a lawsuit in court.I've now been allowed to take legal action.

Several individuals have been jailed in connection with the teacher recruitment fiasco, according to Bommai, who said that these were just the superficial talks between the Congress chief and the commission that went out of their way to take action.On the Cabinet expansion, he said that the executive has been brought to the attention of the head of state and that they have promised to do so at the earliest.If I am summoned to Delhi for consultation, the process will begin immediately.After receiving the ovation from the top commander, the cabinet extension will be completed in the next few days, he said.