Congress is pushing for a policy reset after 30 years of liberalisation.

Congress calls for a rethinking of the economic agenda on Saturday . The report expresses dissatisfaction with the state of the economy .

UDAIPUR: Congress called for a rethinking of the economic agenda on Saturday, as part of a rebalancing of the economy after 30 years of liberalization, while expressing dissatisfaction with the state of the economy, ranging from the job market to inflation.According to the report, the reset should take care of extreme hunger among the bottom 10% of the population, rising inequality, and India's high ranking on the global hunger index 2021, which it attributed to the Modi government's failures.According to P Chidambaram, the party's review of economic policy stance at the Chintan Shivir, three decades of federalisation spurred growth and brought 27 crore people out of poverty in a 10-year cycle, but global and domestic trends now call for a reform.Though Chidambaram did not outline what the reset might be, his emphasis on themes of inequality, poverty, health, nutrition, and education has suggested that Congress take a welfarist course.

He said, We are not stepping back on liberalization; we are moving forward post-liberalization.It will be interesting to see how the Congress Working Committee will adopt the Udaipur nav-sankalp (new-solution) on Sunday based on debates on governance policy and party structure.The Modi government is doing yet another example of India Shining.According to him, we're confident we'll be able to put forward an economic roadmap that will appeal to the people and defuse the Modi government's hyperbole and exaggeration.

He said that the time is perfect for a thorough analysis of Centre-state fiscal relations, and that he wanted a three-year extension of the GST compensation period.Bhupinder Singh Hooda, the Congress leader who is coordinating the drafting of Congress' position on agriculture, recommended a bill guaranteeing MSP for crops and the establishment of a national farm debt relief commission to resolve debt-related problems of farmers by means of conciliation, as in the case of industrial loans.As far as banking goes, agriculture should be treated as a separate unit from industry, according to him.As the second leg of its jan-jagran abhiyan, the Congress will launch a public awareness campaign on the subject of rising prices.