Congress team meets with CEC in Himachal Pradesh to demand early elections

Congress urged Election Commission to conduct elections in Himachal at the very least on Friday . Party delegation met with CEC Rajiv Kumar in Shimla to prepare for forthcoming assembly elections .

SHIMLA (Shanghai): The Congress urged the Election Commission to conduct elections in Himachal at the very least on Friday.To prepare for the forthcoming assembly elections, a party delegation met with CEC Rajiv Kumar in Shimla.In the coming winters, it will be impossible to hold elections in Kinnaur, Lahaul-Spiti, Chamba, Shimla, and Kullu districts, according to the delegation.On a three-day tour to Shimla, a high-level team of the Election Commission of India, led by CEC Rajiv Kumar and India's election commissioner, Anup Chandra Pandey, is visiting the state.

It was also reported that the BJP government in Himalayan Pradesh is attempting to woo the voters by making major announcements at the last minute, when no budget provision has been made for them.Officers that have been posted at one place for a long time were also transferred by the Congress group.According to the delegation, these officers are acting as political agents, and they should be removed immediately so that transparent elections are possible in the state.It also requested from the Election Commission that proper safeguards be taken for EVMs used for assembly elections, and that they be kept under tight surveillance.

There was also a need to replace officers who have been stationed at one place for three years and expand the number of polling stations.In those areas where the number of voters has increased rapidly, the commission has been urged to carry out their proper investigation, he said.The Election Commission has also been requested to put an end to fake and dual voters, he said.In a number of assembly circles, it has been reported that double voters have been introduced, he said.