Cops analyse the diary and call details of an elderly woman's murder.

Police recovered diary containing phone numbers . Police focusing on three plausible explanations for the assassination .

Jaipur: The city police said on Friday that they had recovered a diary that is under scrutiny for crucial details following the assassination of a 67-year-old woman living alone in Badodiya Basti.We're going to investigate the content of the diary, which contains some phone numbers.According to a source, it is still too early to learn anything from it at this stage, and the police are focusing on three plausible explanations for the assassination.According to the murder investigator, Sharda Jain, the assassinat suspect lent money on interest.

According to an official, it is possible that a money fight may have fueled the hostility, because the victims' jewelry and purse were discovered intact and there was no trace of looting or robbery, according to a source.She had been living alone in the house since then, according to police, the woman's daughters are married and living in other cities.Dinesh Jain, the perpetrator's brother, held the house.The house itself is located on the street, just across the street from a temple.

In the morning, Jagdish, one of the shopkeepers, said he became suspicious when he noticed water from a tap overflowing to the ground.I jumped through the main door that was locked.Jagdish said that Sharda woke up early in the morning, often at 4 a.m., and that the body was given to the family after the surgery.Her neck was struck by a several inch deep wound.According to the police, the accused used a sharp-edged gun and struck deep, leaving no chance of surviving the brute force.