Cops in Delhi's Mundka fire will use DNA analysis to identify 19 remains that are beyond recognition.

Forensic DNA will help police identify the bodies of the victims . The fire risk was severe on all the ground floors, according to Dr Rajnish Singh .

NEW DELHI: Unidentified and badly burned bodies will be subjected to DNA profiling, which will help police in determining the identity of the deceased.A total of 19 bodies have been identified.Deepa Verma, the director of Rohini's Forensic Science Laboratory, said: Our two teams, which include some top experts, are stationed in Mundka.The crew members will identify objects and lift samples for identification and collection.

Charred remains of humans have been discovered, so a forensic DNA search might be required to find the deceased's identity, she said.Body remains at fire-related crime scenes, according to SK Gupta, the chief of police, are difficult to identify, identify, and handle.Burned exhibits, particularly bones, have a similar appearance, and they become discolored, brittle, and highly fragmented.The fire risk was severe on all the ground floors, according to Dr Rajnish Singh.

Our experts are unable to locate and locate these exhibits at the scene of a crime.Allerdings, a detailed inspection of the fire site is ongoing, and any exhibits we have collected will be handed over to the investigating officer, according to the officer.Since it is a big area, a full investigation of the scene will take time.accessed the FIR filed by Delhi Police in connection with the shooting, in which an assistant sub-inspector arrived at the scene after receiving a PCR call about the fire at 4.45 pm and quickly demanded maximum attention to the situation.

Police found that a family, who owned the entire building on the top floor, was living.The company's office was located on the second and third floors, where about 100 workers gathered.According to the FIR, the cops trumped the building and discovered gross negligence by the company owners.According to an officer, the building was used for commercial purposes, and despite this, the owners did not take any measures to ensure the safety of employees.

According to the officer, the space between the two floors is very crowded, and the owners, in order to make a living, put their lives in jeopardy.The role of the house owner is also being scrutinized due to gross negligence uncovered inside the house.