Cops use CCTV to track down serial robbers.

Two burglars were caught on CCTV in a fire at a house in Madurai . The two were involved in a burglary and a fire .

Madurai: Two burglars were captured on CCTV, including a Vellore rowdy who has more than 100 charges against him at various locations throughout the state.In a recent robbery at a house in Karuppayurani, Madurai, the two were involved in a fire.After two burglaries were reported at Karuppayurani and Othakadai recently, Madurai district superintendent of police V Baskaran said that a special police force led by sub-inspector Anand was formed.In connection with the cases, T Manikandan, 45, and A Tamil Kumaran, 26, of Vellore were arrested by the team.

For tracing the accused, CCTV video was crucial.According to Baskaran, the two drove on a two-wheeler, and the burglary took place in ten minutes.Baskaran said that the SP was able to track down the accused's vehicle in Tirunelveli.Police also relied on cell phone records to track the suspect.

The thieves took advantage of people who store valuables at home with no protection and hiding keys that could be easily found.According to him, people are encouraged to store their highly valuable items, such as gold jewellery, in a more secure place, such as bank lockers.For better security and crime prevention, the public was also encouraged to install CCTV cameras in and around their homes and offices, according to the SP, though only 34 repeat offenders have been arrested in 2021.In three ganja peddler cases described in Sedapatti, NP Kottai and Othakadai, we are also working on ensuring that chargesheets are filed without delay in serious cases and speed up trials to ensure that more charges are made at the earliest.