Corporations in two wards protest the water problem

Two wards in Mangaluru city are facing water scarcity due to distribution issues . Residents claim that the water shortage will worsen as the city prepares for festivals .

Mangaluru: Despite heavy rainfall, two wards in the city are facing a serious water scarcity due to distribution issues.At the monthly council meeting of the Mangaluru City Corporation (MCC), corporate leaders Shamshudin of Kudroli ward and Zeenath Shamshudin of Bunder ward staged a protest on Saturday, staging a slammed demonstration by stepping onto the well of the house and carrying placards.We have dragged the issue to the attention of officials several times.Nevertheless, no attempts have been made to tackle the problem.

Shamshuddin and Zeenath, a BJP corporator, has backed them and said that the problem is with the distribution system.He said that the Thumbe dam holds enough water.Meanwhile, Sudheer Shetty, a BJP corporator and the ruling party's chief whip, reported that Vivekanagara in Kodialbail has also been facing a water shortage.MCC Commissioner Akshy Sridhar told the engineers to schedule a meeting of valvemen from the affected wards immediately and see to it that the situation has been resolved.

The government explained in the revision order that the updated water tariff would remain in force for one year in the MCC.According to the Directorate of Municipal Administration, the MCC has been asked to rewrite the water tariff after a year, seeking approval from the government.The water tariff in Mangaluru is the lowest in the state, according to Sudheer Shetty.However, the opposition members of Congress disputed his assertion, saying that the tariff was the lowest while Congress was in power.

According to Congress members, your boast of the lowest price is far from true.