Cos permits employees to exercise while at work...

Dell Technologies held a global steps challenge for four weeks in April-May this year . 52,000 people were recruited globally, taking in more than 15 billion steps .

Today, every organization promotes a healthy lifestyle for its employees.Its now proven that a fit employee is also a more efficient employee.Is it appropriate for hould staff to use work hours for their wellness program?Fitness regimes are usually included in a person's me-time both before and after work.

Dell Technologies held a global steps challenge for four weeks in April-May this year.52,000 people were recruited globally, taking in more than 15 billion steps.According to Ritu Rakhra, the country's HR boss, every team leader was encouraging team members to take a break between meetings to get some exercise, as sitting through back-to-back meetings is harmful.We wanted to bring this point home during those four weeks.

Was it compromising anyone's me-time?The answer is no.Moreover, staff members were also paid monetarily for each achievement incurred as part of the steps challenge.The employees' well-being is the biggest reward, however.

Priya Mathilakath, Titan's head of HR-corporate & retail, finds walking meetings during work hours refreshing.For a few days in a week, the shop floor becomes a yoga floor in all of its manufacturing units.For this reason, the firm does not expect employees to arrive an hour early or leave late because the sessions are conducted in the middle of the day.We have examined the whole wellness aspect of the workplace as part of it, says Mathilakath.

We have all seen how staff hours are compressed into the evenings and squeeze into their personal time.So why not encourage them to take time off during work hours for their health and wellbeing?Since Blackhawk Networks VP (HR) Suzanne Kinner works from home and finds space of about half an hour or one hour between her calls and online meetings, she likes to go for a walk in the park or exercise.She is usually moving from one conference room to another at work, getting the necessary physical activity.

We encourage our staff to schedule their wellness activities based on what they find helpful.Some people may want to start early or end late, and others may want to do yoga or Zumba right in between their working hours, says Kinner.In fact, studies show that taking breaks throughout the day can help reduce anxiety.Allowing oneself time to recharge throughout the day is a simple way to reduce workplace exhaustion.

Max Life provides periodic breaks to allow employees to recharge, including a Silent Hour that allows employees to spend time with their families, and Lights Out Wednesday, a program that allows workers to disconnect from work early.Organizations agree that it is not a one-size-fits-all approach, and that individuals have the freedom to plan and combine their activities around health and wellness in a way that suits them.Employees respond amazingly well when you give them that right and when you trust them, says Kinner of Blackhawk Network, where every decision about work's future is based on flexibility, empowerment, and accountability.