COVID-19: Delhi High Court Orders School To Allow Vaccination-Ineligible Teachers To Report For Duty

Delhi High Court orders teacher to resume his duties as an unvaccinated teacher . Medical board found that Covid-19 vaccine put an unvaccinated teacher in danger .

Delhi: After a medical board found that the Covid-19 vaccine put an unvaccinated teacher in danger, the Delhi High Court has directed a private school in this city to admit an unvaccinated teacher to service.Justice Rekha Palli suggested that the teacher must always wear a mask when entering the school grounds and observe the Covid-19 uniformity and instructions.The Delhi government told the court that due to the petitioner's medical condition, it has accepted his appeal for exemption from Covid-19 vaccination as a special case.The petition is be resolved by instructing the respondent number 4 to immediately allow the petitioner to resume his duties, according to the court's order dated September 22.

The school was also required to release the balance salary after deduction of10%, as well as the allowances due to the petitioner for the relevant period.The petitioner was an Angioimmunoblastic T-cell Lymphoma (a cancerous form of inflammation), and doctors accordingly warned him that if he received the Covid-19 vaccine, his condition could worsen.He was however refused to continue serving his duties as a result of government orders requiring all teachers to be 100% vaccinated.He explained to the court that the authorities gave him a power of attorney waiver that was unilaterally overthrown in October 2021.