CWG 2022: India's strongman Sudhir gets even stronger

Sudhir Singh, 27, won gold in the mens heavyweight para powerlifting category at the para Asian Games in Birmingham . He became Indias first para athlete to win a gold medal in the para CWG history .

It was October 12, 2018.Sudhir had just won a bronze medal at the para Asian Games in Jakarta, and his father, a retired CISF officer, shared the news with him, who was elated by his eldest sons success.On his arrival from Jakarta, Rajbir held a grand felicitation function for the para powerlifter.At Sudhir's home in Lath village in Haryanas Sonepat, a night-long festivity erupted, as the family celebrated their son's achievements.

Sudhir didn't hear from his father for the next two days as his family members hid the shocking news from him.Sudhir landed at Jakarta's IGI airport on October 15, but discovered that the celebratory atmosphere was missing.His father was hidden behind the crowd of his acquaintances and relatives, he could not see him.One of his uncles broke the terrible news to him.

When Sudhir in Birmingham reached out to him late Thursday night to celebrate winning gold in the mens heavyweight para powerlifting category at the CWG, all he could do was honor his father's sacrifices to give his sick sons' life a new lease on life.Sudhir made the country proud in Birmingham by becoming India's first para athlete to win a gold medal in the para CWG history, accumulating a total of 134.5 points in his 88kg weight division, breaking a Games record.In his first attempt, he gained 208 kilograms and then increased his lead to 212 kilograms with his second attempt.He struggled to lift 217 kilograms in his third and last attempt, but clinched the country's seventh gold medal at the forthcoming Games.

Micky Yule of the United Kingdom won the bronze medal with 130.9 points, while he earned the silver medal for the first time.This medal is for my late father and his assistants.I know he would be pouring over me with the endless amount of love from the heavens.I am now here at the height of my career because of his blessings.

I still have one regret in my life: I was unable to present my para Asian Games medal to him.He is no longer around when I have written history.According to Sudhir, a volatile 27-year-old man, this one is for you.Sudhirs is only India's sixth medal in the para CWG history.

Rajinder Singh Rahelu (56 kg), a 2004 Athens Paralympics bronze medalist, was Indias only silver medalist to date, finishing runner-up in the mens heavyweight division (72).At the 2014 Glasgow CWG, 1 kilogram was taken.Prasanta Karmakar (swimming, mens 50m freestyle S9), Sakina Khatun (powerlifting, womens 61kg), and Sachin Chaudhary (powerlifting, mens heavyweight) are the other medallists in para CWG for India.Sudhir's mother, Savitri Devi, said he never let this stifling of his passion for sports diminish him.

Sudhir is an iron-willed athlete who puts his best foot forward whenever he wants to achieve a specific goal, and nothing can deter him from doing so, said Savitri Devi.Sudhir had a polio-related injury and was introduced to the sport by veteran powerlifting coach and performer Virender Dhankar, JP Singh, who is a superintendent in Delhi's Customs and GST division.He contracted polio at the age of four after high fever.He was introduced to powerlifting in 2013 and is regarded as a legend in itself as he sits on the podium in Birmingham today with a Games record that is truly monumental.

Singh claims he has qualified for Asiad.(With inputs from Sat SinghTNN)