CWG 2022: Silver medalist Murali Sreeshankar has no job security

Murali Sreeshankar is a CWG silver medalist long jumper . Despite being an Olympian, the 23-year-old from Palakkad has no job at the moment .

BIRMINGHAM, MA: Its a common thing for an Indian athlete to be without a job, isn't it?Add Murali Sreeshankar, a CWG silver medalist long jumper, to it.Kerala, despite being an Olympian, the 23-year-old from Palakkad has no job at the moment.Murali Sivashankar, Sreeshankar's father, said, We have been looking for employment with the Kerala government for a long time, but nothing has happened.

We're looking for at least a gazetted-level position for him.A person who has represented the country at the Olympics should be treated with respect.Sreeshankar is part of the Union Sports Ministry's TOP (Target Olympic Podium) Program, and it is being managed by a private sports promotion corporation that cares about the development of high-performance athletes.Sreeshankar's father said after winning silver in the 2022 CWG that officials in the government set-up told my son that he does not have a medal at major events like the Commonwealth Games, Asian Games, or Olympics, and that his application was rejected.

In a sport like athletics where there is the most difficult competition, an athlete who is always striving to achieve medals for the country should be able to exercise and train with a positive mindset.He shouldnt be embroiled in the midst of uncertainty about what will happen to him after ten years, or 15 years.Because the shelf life of an athlete is very short.