CWG gold medalist Mirabai Chanu is referred to as a legend by Chris Hemsworth.

Mirabai Chanu won gold medalist gold medalist for the upcoming CommonWealth Games 2022 . Chris Hemsworth tweeted that it was time for Thor to give up his hammer .

Thor, the god of Thunder, is the avatar of Hollywood actor Chris Hemsworth, who plays Thor, and Mirabai Chanu, a gold medalist for the CWG, has said she is worthy of Thor's hammer and even branded her a hero.Chriss praise follows Chanu's triumph at the upcoming CommonWealth Games 2022 in Birmingham.She was honoured with the distinction after lifting 201 kilos.Chris had been tweeting on social media, claiming that it was time for Thor to give up his hammer.

Saikhom, congratulations, you are a hero.Chanu replied to Hemsworth with an ecstatic look: Thank you @chrishemsworth, I always love to watch you.The quote was made because no other superhero could bring the Mjolnir to attention, aside from Thor.In Norse mythology, Thors Mjolnir is the hammer of the thunder god Thor, which is used as both a physical weapon and a divine instrument to grant blessings.