Cyber criminals are becoming more inventive: cops

Kochi City police issue warning about bogus WhatsApp support survey . Police warn of scamsters using fake profiles on matrimonial websites and fake profiles to gain trust .

Kochi: So many who used to hate gadgets have become tech-savvy as a result of the epidemic.Fraudsters are now using a slew of tactics to trick gullible citizens of large sums, according to the district police.According to the police, gifts from India Post, WhatsApp support survey, off-line data entry portals, job postings using SMS, screen sharing apps, fake loan approval emails, etc.are among the new innovative methods used by scamsters in cyber crime.

To gain cash rewards, the website includes a survey, which the public must complete correctly.The fraudsters will eventually ask for money such as a processing fee or a registration fee.According to the advisory, police advises the public not to share the link or click on such links.A new warning by the Kochi City police was about a bogus WhatsApp support survey.

According to the City of Ernakulam, these will be used to commit various crimes in the future.The city police issued a second alert about smuggling through matrimonial websites recently.According to police, fraudsters are creating fake profiles on matrimonial websites and using voice recognition programs to pretend to be the parents of potential brides or grooms to gain trust.Later on, they would demand money for a personal emergency.

The police have been regularly warned about another form of fraud, which involves job offers via SMS messages.According to police, names of major companies with a minor spelling correction are used to make such bogus job offers, and those who respond would fall into one of the two tricks employed by the bribers.Fraudsters are also swaying victims to install screen sharing applications in the hopes of temporarily taking over of their device and subsequently dupe him.According to the most recent NCRB survey, fraud was the primary motive behind up to 25 cybercrime cases recorded in the city in 2020.

One should not hesitate to call the police once a sham was perpetrated.We will take prompt action, including attempts to recover the money that has been lost.At the same time, caution is better.According to Karthick, the public should be wary of bogus offers and offers that are too good to be true.