Dad now files a FIR against uncle after seeing a naked female walking through Moradabad.

Unidentified uncle of the child has filed a second FIR, the second one in the case . The uncle of the child has been charged with a new FIR .

MORADABAD: Two days after shocking images of a 15-year-old girl walking naked on a busy Moradabad road surfaced, sparking outrage, the uncle of the child has now filed an FIR, the second one in the case, claiming that the uncle used the girls' mental illness to settle scores with people he had enmity with.The uncle, who said the child had been gangraped by five men, filed the first FIR.The father informed on Friday that the men named in the first FIR and charged with rape are innocent.The man who filed the first lawsuit mistook it for a crime.

According to a medical report, the child was not assaulted.The uncle, who is absconding, has been charged with a new FIR.The inspector explained that we are investigating from all angles.The girl went to a local fair on September 1 but didn't return until the following evening.

Some of them created videos, which they later shared on social media platforms.On September 7, an FIR under section 376-D (gang rape) was created against five village youth, which police arrested one man.In the meantime, the girl's father said that a local merchant had to refund a substantial sum of money to the man who was arrested by police.He banded together with his uncle and plotted to trap the boy and his family because he didnt want to return the money.

The man will be arrested soon, and an investigation is ongoing.