Day 2 of the Cong Chintan Shivir Sidelights: Call for Rahul to be the party's full-time and consistent leader

Kerala party MP T N Prathapans said Rahul should take over as the Congress president . Prathapans said that he should advocate for a longer-term and steadfast leader .

Demand for a replacement for Rahul Gandhi as the AICC chief, with a rider has been a regular occurrence among the party's leaders and staff at its meetings since he resigned from the office in 2019 following the Lok Sabha election fiasco.But the suggestion made by the Kerala party MP, T N Prathapans, at the pending Congress Chintan Shivir in Rajasthan's Udaipur was remarkable.He said Rahul should take over as the Congress president, but that he should also advocate for a longer-term and steadfast leader who will be available as the party and the nation desire it, according to Prathapan.He believes that the Congress chief should continue as the United Progressive Alliance chairperson, but that the alliance must be extended before the 2024 Lok Sabha elections.

We need open-minded discussions with all non-NDA sides for this.Congress will ignore dead-end demands for control.Instead, it should be very liberal with resources, and we need to set the agenda for rescuing this country from communal fascism.Keeping the media at a safe distanceFrom the Chintan Shivir location, some of the top Congress figures travelled to the media enclave, a temporary structure built some distance away, to ask about the facilities and engage in chit-chat with journalists.

Sachin Pilot, the senior Rajasthan Congress chief, was the first one to fly to the country.Harish Rawat, a former Uttarakhand CM and member, was followed by Subodh Kant Sahay and Acharya Pramod, who said that Priyanka is the party's most popular face and that she should take over as the Cong president if Rahul Gandhi is unable to take up the position.Acharya Pramod said that Priyanka is the party's most popular face and that if Rahul Gandhi does not accept it, The demands made by the UP Congress came as part of a deliberation process for a company restructure and improvements at the party's brainstorming session.Sonia Gandhi has called for Chintan, Manthan, and Parivartan (discussion, discussion, and change) and said the youth should have a say in how the party should be led from the front and return to power.

However, if Rahul is unable to accept it, crores of people and Congress workers would also prefer that Priyanka be replaced by him, according to Manoj C G, a Deputy Associate Editor.He writes on topics such as politics.He has