Defenceless? Stabbing Spree Brings Up Serious Issues With Cop Education

Delhi Police focuses on preparing its men in unarmed combat and the latest martial arts techniques . But when it comes to challenging situations in real life, the force seems to be unable to face challenges .

New Delhi, Nov. 24: Joseph, 24, barged into a police station in Fresno, California, and assaulted a cop with a sharp object three months earlier.Despite being wounded, the police detective fatally shot the assailant.Last year, a 36-year-old man with no criminal history broke into a police station in a Paris suburb and stabbed a female cop.Alert cops followed him immediately and shot him.

Delhi was witness to a similar event on Thursday, but the intruder continued to stave off six cops while driving between the third and the ground floor of the police station without facing much resistance.Knife attacks are not uncommon in police-related establishments.However, the cops in Delhi seem to be more able and prepared than in Delhi.A knife assault on Wednesday by a 28-year-old man in a police station in northeast Delhis Shahdara has raised some interesting concerns.

Following the farmers' demonstration on Republic Day last year, not only the police force, but also over 50 instructors at the police academy in southwest Delhi underwent an unarmed combat course.However, when it comes to challenging situations in real life, the force seems to be unable to face challenges.In 2019, a viral video showed a group of policemen fighting with a tempo driver and battling to overpower the lone one.Senior officers said that circumstances such as the absence of clear instructions in such cases, a shortage of regular training and refresher courses, and the inexistence of non-lethal weapons like tasers contributed to such incidents.

One officer said that at the station level, many of the police officers were unfit and overweight, slowing down their instincts and reflexes.Training is actually the most important aspect of police life, but it has been almost completely left out.Former police commissioner SN Shrivastava and current top cop Rakesh Asthana tried to make the training unit's job rewarding by announcing incentives, but most people are now considering it as a sidelined position.The incident on Wednesday also put a damper on the perception of safety and frisking at police stations in Delhi.

Seniors are considering whether a duty officer should be allowed to carry a pistol when sitting at the front desk.According to an officer at Police HQ where a meeting was held on Thursday to address the previous days incident, the staff have been urged to be properly armed and take immediate action if they spot someone acting suspiciously.