Delhi: A 20-year-old woman has been missing since the Mundka fire. Her father died of Covid.

Sonam, 20, was a participant in a company that worked with cameras and WiFi . Her father died of Covid in May last year .

On Saturday, a distraught Sunitha Devi sat outside the Sanjay Gandhi Memorial Hospital, awaiting to hear about Sonam, her 20-year-old daughter who had not returned from her Mundka job on Friday.Sonam's family had yet to know who was admitted to the hospital until Saturday afternoon.They went to the site in Mundka, attempting to find some clues, but Anurag, Sonams cousin, said they were unable to provide any details there.She was a participant in a company that worked with cameras and WiFi.Her job was to connect the antenna to the WiFi router.

Sonam has two siblings, a younger brother and sister, who waited outside the hospital with Sunitha Devi.She stepped in because her brother is still underage and unable to start working.Anurag said her brother had helped her land this job.After she had completed class 12, Sonam stopped studying.According to Anurag, she had been employed in Mundka at the office for about ten months and would earn around Rs 6,000-7,000 per month.

Her mother works in a factory, he said.The family is based in Fatehpur, and sonams' brother alerted relatives when his sister didn't return home around 9 p.m. on Friday.They began to look for her in Mundka, then at the hospital.The hospital is home to 27 people, according to reports.

We attempted to tell the police about her appearance, but it didnt help because some of the bodies were impossible to spot.According to Anurag, she is missing for the time being because she has not been discovered among the dead.Anurag said that the family was in a bind as Sonam's remains have yet to be identified and that they have been waiting for a DNA analysis to locate them.According to Anurag, it could take three to four days to figure it out this way.Sunitha Devi returned home for a break on Saturday, but Anurag returned to the hospital, anxious for more information....