Delhi: A complaint against an internet service provider turned violent in Shahdara

Bharat Bhati, the man who went on a stabbing spree on Wednesday, wounded five policemen and a Home Guard . Bhati's family said he had been having mental health issues for some years .

NEW DELHI: Bharat Bhati, the man who went on a stabbing spree on Wednesday, wounding five policemen and a Home Guard, is said to have stopped by the Shahdara police station to file a lawsuit against his broadband service providers.Although Bhati was not subjected to violence at the police station, his family said he had been having mental health issues for some years, which was compounded by his father's death aboard a train last month.Bhati has been charged with attempted murder and obstructing a public servant in the discharge of his duties.When Bhati's broadband service was cut off, he was angry about getting back only Rs 500 of the Rs 1,500 security deposit from the service provider, according to the cops who interrogated him.

When Bhati reached the third floor, police officers were treating another robber who had shared his OTP with his accomplice.When cops told the complainant that no OTP should be shared with another individual and gave him advice on cyber security, Bhati interjected, accusing them of undermining their duties and revealing an investigating officer.Bhati also started shooting a video of which the cops scoffered.He then launched a knife on them.

Some police officers asked him why he was wielding a knife like that after restraining him.He gave no specifics.According to the investigator, it was clear that he should have slashed at anyone who came in his way.On Thursday, two of the officers hospitalized had to undergo surgery.

They went on to confirm that the young man was mentally ill. Bhati and his uncle, cousin, and grandparents live in a joint family after losing their mother and father in a railway accident last month.He lives in a room on the third floor.Daksh Bhati, his cousin, told him, We believe he has been quiet for about 4-5 years since he left college, and that he has been mentally ill.He has no acquaintances and no one comes to meet him.

When he left the house on Wednesday, he did not talk to us, and we have no idea why he carried a knife to the police station.Umesh, the Bhatis uncle, recalls how many times they attempted to take him to the Institute of Human Behaviour and Allied Sciences for evaluation.He never took offense to him.He even jumped out of the vehicle.

Bhati has an elder sister and a younger brother.While on business in Ajmer, his father died while on the train.His uncle portrayed him as a simple child who never argued or clashed with anyone.