Delhi: Assigned cities we hadn't even chosen, claim several students.

National Transportation Authority (NTA) is looking at the places where errors have been recorded . The findings of the observers and center coordinators are being investigated .

According to a senior NTA official, a few centers that are conducting the second phase of CUET are consistently failing the last-minute mock test and having server issues.The National Transportation Authority (NTA) is now looking at the places where errors have been recorded.The findings of the observers and center coordinators are being investigated.These centers will be delisted for future tests if required, according to the official, adding that there are also centers where tests were postponed ahead of schedule.

Candidates returned home on Friday with a dreadlock after failing to finish their assignments.Although many centers were able to run the question papers on their computers, many students were stuck in the middle of the document at some point, resulting in frequent disconnections or incomplete downloading of the papers.Over 10% of the centers were affected in total.Ganika, a British sociologist studying at Delhi University, said: I came from Chhatarpur (Delhi) to the exam center in Noida Sector 64, a distance of about 34 kilometers.

We were told by 12 p.m. that the exam would not be held on Friday due to technical difficulties.My sister came all the way from Narela (Delhi) to this city yesterday, but was unable to return due to the same issue.This is the height of mismanagement.Throughout the day, candidates who will appear at the NTA on August 7 took to social media to tagging them about admit card problems.

Although the National Testing Association (NTA) expressed doubt that it would be able to accommodate those candidates whose exams were postponed in the remaining days and slots, sources in the organization said that it would extend the test by two to three days if necessary.From July 15 to August 20, NTA will offer CUET (UG)-2022 (excluding the days of other undergraduate examinations and gazetted holidays) in 489 centers located in 300 cities throughout India and nine outside India.