Delhi: In a parting shot, September's rain deficit was eliminated

Rain reduced Delhi deficit in September from 49% to 17% by Friday morning . Moderate to heavy rain is forecast across Delhi-NCR .

NEW DELHI: For the second day on Friday, the city was still reeling under a steady ray of sunshine.The persistent rain reduced Delhi's deficit in September from 49% to 17% by Friday morning.The weather department has more to offer as it continues to urge citizens to exercise caution for the next few days, when moderate to heavy rain is forecast across Delhi-NCR.Between the mornings of Thursday and Friday, the city's base weather station in Safdarjung received 72mm of rain, while on Friday, it received 8mm of rain between 8.30am and 5.30pm.

According to RK Jenamani, senior meteorologist of India Meteorological Department, this interaction of western disturbance and cyclonic circulation is expected to continue pouring down Delhi and the surrounding areas for 24 to 36 hours, ensuring that the rain will last for some days.Although Delhi had hoped for the monsoons to be abandoned by September 25, experts now expect a five-six-day delay.The south-west monsoon is currently active in Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh, east Rajasthan, and west Uttar Pradesh, and is also active in Uttarakhand.According to IMD, the current withdrawal line of the south-west monsoon is stuck over Jodhpur and Bikaner in Rajasthan, while three main weather patterns that cause rain are strong and may only weaken after September 26.

According to Jenamani, the withdrawal will require a change in wind direction and five days without rain.On September 26-27, we will be in a position to address the monsoons' detour from Delhi, western Rajasthan, Punjab, etc.On Friday, while Safdarjung received 8mm of rainfall before 5.30pm, Palam received 30.33mm, Lodhi Road 6.4mm, Ridge 15.2 meters, Ayanagar 20.4 meters, Jaffarpur 1mm, Mungeshpur 2mm, Najafgarh 15mm, Pusa 7mm, and Mayur Vihar received 3.5 meters of rain.The maximum temperature fell slightly as a result of the rain.

On Thursday, the high was 28 degrees.The minimum temperature was 23.4 degrees Celsius, which was a fraction of a degree lower than Thursdays and a degree below the seasons average.The humidity varied between 100% and 95%.The maximum and minimum temperatures on Saturday are expected to be around 27 and 22 degrees Celsius, according to IMD.

On Friday, the air quality index, which stands at a rate of 0 to 500, was 57, compared to 66 the day before.On Friday, heavy rain affected flight operations at Indira Gandhi International Airport.Due to bad weather in the capital, over 20 flights were cancelled and five were diverted.Two of the five flights that were diverted were scheduled to fly to Lucknow and Jaipur, while a cargo flight was diverted to Ahmedabad.

However, no flight was cancelled due to bad weather.