Delhi is experiencing a heat wave, with temperatures reaching 47 degrees in some areas.

Temperature reaches 47.2 degrees Celsius in Mungeshpur and 47.2 degrees Celsius in Najafgarh . Orange warning issued by IMD for residents in Delhi .

New Delhi (New Delhi) – On Saturday, a menacing heatwave turned Delhi into a hot cauldron, sending the temperature to an unacceptable height of 47.2 degrees Celsius in Mungeshpur and 47 degrees Celsius in Najafgarh, both at least seven notches above normal, the highest this season.The temperature in Delhi increased to 46.9 degrees Celsius at the Sports Complex, 46.4 degrees Celsius at Pitampura, 45.8 degrees Celsius at Jafarpur, and 45.4 degrees Celsius at Ridge and Ayanagar, according to weather forecasters.The heatwave season was predicted to begin on Sunday.On Sunday, an orange warning has been issued by the IMD for residents in Delhi, which has had its second warmest April this year since 1951, with a monthly average maximum temperature of 40.2 degrees Celsius.

According to Mahesh Palawat, Vice President (Meteorology and Climate Change), a private weather forecasting company, the weather around Punjab and Haryana is forecast to increase precipitation on Monday, allowing for some relief from the intense heat on Monday and Tuesday.Delhi received a minuscule 0.3 mm of rainfall in April relative to a monthly average of 12.2 mm.No rain fell on March, against a normal of 15.9 mm.In May, the IMD predicted above-normal temperatures.A heatwave is detected when the maximum temperature is over 40 degrees Celsius and at least 4.5 inches above the norm.According to the IMD, a severe heatwave is forecast when the average temperature in an area hits 45 degrees Celsius.