Delhi LG suspends two more officers over allegations of corruption.

Lieutenant Governor of Delhi has suspended two more officers in corruption investigation . Four officers had been suspended in other cases just two days before .

By Niranjan MishraNew Delhi, India, June 24: Vinai Kumar Saxena, the Lieutenant Governor of Delhi, has suspended two more officers in a corruption investigation.Four officers had been suspended in other cases just two days before.Two other officers have been suspended from DC Sahoo, Sub-Registrar-5A, to launch a fair investigation into the mystery of significant fraud and corruption involving the forging of revenue records in connivance with a private corporation in Chirag Delhi's Josip Broz Tito Marg.In the same case, Ramesh Kumar, the then Kanoongo of the area and in-charge of the Record Room, has also been suspended.

He was notified of serious graft charges including a vehement demand for bribes for registering properties, sub-version of documents, and high-handedness.Upon investigation, it was found that the Sub-Registrar had not only forged papers to demonstrate that land measuring 1,250 square yards that belonged to the DDA was free hold but also registered a sale deed in February 2022.The Chief Secretary, the Competent Authority in this situation, requested approval on June