Delhi: New dates add to the CUET trauma

National Testing Agency cancels exams at 53 centres, 32 of which were in Delhi . Many students are now unsure when their exam will be held .

NEW DELHI: Students are getting a traumatic experience because their exams are being randomly cancelled, with many of them being allotted dates that are a fortnight away, according to the Common University Entrance Test (CUET).There are others who are already unsure when their exam will be held.In this madness, there is no solution.Although the National Testing Agency (NTA) claims to have warned the students on Friday about the cancellation of an exam scheduled for Saturday, others students and their parents argued they were given any information.

On Friday, the NTA cancelled the exams at 53 centres, 32 of which were in Delhi.According to a student named Sandhya, I didnt have any news until Saturday morning.So, with my father, I went from Rohini to Noida's center.After arriving at the site, I discovered that the exam had been postponed to a later date.

My domestic help traveled from Karol Bagh to Najafgarh at a considerable expense, only to be unable to pass the exam, according to a Delhi University professor.Many students are now wondering if the NTAs' flip-flop would be useful or not.Many exams have been cancelled due to technical difficulties since CUET's second phase began on August 4, 2014.I am worried after going through the horror of being stuck inside a hotel yesterday and being unable to appear for the exams, said student Surya Sharma.

Why can't they be more organized and save us from this bullying?The NTA has now postponed the tests set for August 8, with the bulk of applicants being notified by August 22.Since the tests were supposed to end on August 20, this has created more confusion.When I logged in to check my center for the August 8 exam, I discovered that it had been postponed to August 22, according to Ayushman Talukdar.

NTA should realize how many exams we have appeared for in the last few months.I just want this to be over.Many students had planned to take a break after putting all the tests and their stressful year behind them.Some of us wanted to move on and prepare for other examinations.

I would like to know why my dates for August 7 and 8 have been postponed to August 21 and 22.This sudden change of dates is affecting my mental health and stressing me out, but the NTA only responds.We will get back to you, said an exasperated Pranay Gupta.Several students were facing a different challenge.

But, when they logged in to check, their admit card said August 6 as the time.I realized this just ten minutes before the exam was due to begin on August 6.I'm not sure if I missed the exam or if it was a technical issue.I don't know what to do.

In the meantime, the National Transportation Authority (NTA) is expressing its indignation on the centres.It announced on Saturday that it would take steps against the centres that fail to follow protocols.These centers are likely to be stifled.Several of the centers, it was discovered, failed to adhere to established laws.

According to an official, those candidates who are facing a clash of exams due to a change in the CUET dates are being asked to email both admit cards so that a new date can be scheduled.Some applicants have shared their new exam dates with their admit cards after the last official date of August 20, with no mention of the centers.This has only added to the confusion.Other applicants are due to appear on August 7, 8, and 10, but they have yet to receive their admit cards.

The students who have their exam on the next three dates but have yet to receive their admit cards should wait until they are allocated a different date because they will be unable to attend in the city of their first choice.The dates will be extended by the NTA to accommodate all candidates without any further issues.On Saturday, the exams that had not been cancelled were resumed without a problem.Students were urged to remove their earrings, rings, and belts, ensuring greater safety.

Vaibhav Tripathi, who had flown all the way from Najafgarh to Delhi University stadium's center for his history exam, said: I was uncertain if it would go smoothly until I came in the examination hall.Nevertheless, it was going well.He has a second exam scheduled for August 8, and his center is located at Bahadurgarh in Haryana.I had chosen Delhi as my new home.