Delhi: Rain reduces temperature, improves air quality, and will now be less intense.

Rain is forecast to decrease starting on Saturday . Rain also helped in purifying Delhis air .

On Friday, rain covered most of Delhi's areas.However, the rain intensities are forecast to decrease starting on Saturday.Between 8.30am and 5.30pm, Safdarjung received 8.8mm rainfall, according to the India Meteorological Department (IMD).Ayanagar received the most rainfall in the capital during the peak of the season, with 24.5mm rainfall.

The maximum temperature dropped from 33.46 degrees Celsius to 33.0.4 degrees Celsius on Thursday, four degrees below normal, due to rain.However, the humidity stayed on the higher side.The relative humidity was between 95 percent and 87 percent.The minimum temperature reached 26.5 degrees Celsius.

The monsoon trough has migrated far from Delhi.In addition, a low pressure system is scheduled to be developed over the Bay of Bengal from August 7 to 10, and take off towards Central India, which is situated a little south of its normal position.Rain intensities are expected to decrease from Saturday, according to RK Jenamani, senior scientist at IMD.On Saturday, the maximum and minimum temperatures are expected to be 33 and 26 degrees Celsius.

From August 9 to 11, a generally cloudy sky is forecast.Rain also helped in purifying Delhi's air.On Thursday, the capital's air quality index (AQI) increased from 115 in the moderate category to 72 in the satisfactory category.According to SAFAR, peak wind speed is expected to be 12-20 kmh for the next three days (July 6 to 8), resulting in moderate dispersion; the AQI is likely to be somewhere between satisfactory and lower due to anticipated light rain spells.