Delhi's Manish Sisodia requests a CBI investigation and accuses the ex-LG of the excise loss

Delhi's deputy CM Manish Sisodia said a former LG required liquor sellers to have the MCD and DDAs permission before opening their stores in non-conforming areas . This was done two days before the new excise policy came into operation last year .

Deputy CM Manish Sisodia said on Saturday that a former LG required liquor sellers to have the MCD and DDA's permission before opening their stores in non-conforming areas.According to Atul Mathur, this was done two days before the new excise policy came into operation last year, causing the state exchequer to lose thousands of crores of rupees.Sisodia said he has written to the CBI to ask why LG was involved in favoring select liquor licenses without the members of the public know it.When the plan was first introduced, Anil Baijal was LG.

As a result of his overnight stand, the Delhi government lost thousands of crores.The CBI must investigate the situation.The LGs secretariat had no immediate response.Anil Baijal, the LG when the excise program was introduced, did not respond to phone calls and WhatsApp messages demanding his attention.

In June 2021, the cabinet again sent the plan to him, which he accepted.The plan included a provision for establishing liquor shops in unauthorised areas.However, the LG did not address the issue of shops in unregulated areas or demanded a change.Sisodia said the LG changed his mind when he received a form asking permission for the opening of the shops in November.

This U-turn was unexpected and shocking, according to Sisodia, since vending machines could not open in unauthorised areas, forcing the licensees to relocate their courts.According to the court, the excise department was forbidden from taking licence fees from shops in unauthorised areas and provided a tax recoupment and other changes, which caused a loss of thousands of crores to the exchequer while benefiting those who could open shops.According to the deputy CM, the LGs office had also permitted liquor stores in unlicensed colonies for many years.When the LG was notified of this, he did not change his position but created a committee under the DDA vice presidentman, which had no effect.

Sisodia acknowledged that there were shortcomings in the implementation of the scheme, with the state government receiving 36% less money than anticipated, but stressed that it was necessary to determine where and under which circumstances such errors occurred.In July, incumbent LG V K Saxena ordered a CBI probe into procedural flaws in the excise policy.He also asked the secretary of state to investigate the role of government officials in the formulation and implementation of the program, which has been published in the report.The Delhi government announced that it would scrap the old excise scheme starting on September 1 and returning to the old system.