Dentist mom pushes 4-year-old from fourth floor, she dies

Driti Balakrishna was the daughter of Dr Sushma Bharadwaj and Kiran Balakrishna . The dentist-mother allegedly threw her daughter from the fourth floor passageway .

BENGALURU: On Thursday, a four-year-old girl was allegedly killed by her 34-year-old dentist-mother from their apartment's fourth floor passageway.The mother, who is said to be taking antidepressant medication, attempted to jump, but was saved by her neighbors.Driti Balakrishna was the daughter of Dr Sushma Bharadwaj and Kiran Balakrishna, a software engineer.The couple married 11 years ago and have been living in a flat in Sampangiramanagar with their daughter and Kirans' mother.

She had pursued dental surgery but was unable to practice due to her daughters' disabilities.She wanted to kill the child and end her life as well.According to a police officer, her assertions are being verified.The mother and daughter are seen on CCTV footage climbing to the fourth floor.

She then climbs the passageway guardrails and sits there for a few seconds before yelling for assistance.Sushma told Kiran that she was taking Driti to the terrace to play when he was working from home.Driti was discovered in a pool of blood.According to a neighbor, we thought she had mistakenly fallen.

According to reports, Sushma apparently abandoned her daughter in a train heading to Odisha from KSR railway station a month before.Her daughter went missing, according to reports, and she reportedly staged a drama.Kiran managed to track down his daughter with the help of railway police and NGOs.