Despite 734 deaths in 1,927 incidents, Nagpur RTO receives only Rs2.05 million from the Road Safety Fund.

Nagpur rural saw 969 incidents that claimed 466 lives, while city roads saw 268 deaths in 958 road accidents in 2021 . Traffic police have released a new list of 52 black spots, containing ten accident-prone spots .

NAGPUR: Although the district saw 734 fatalities in 1,927 road accidents in 2021 alone, and over 60 black spots were spotted, the transportation department, which includes City, East and Rural RTOs, has been given a minuscule Rs2.05 lakh as Road Safety Fund (RSF).The RTO revealed this information at a road safety audit meeting held in Nagpur on Friday by additional transportation commissioner Jitendra Patil.According to statistics, Nagpur rural saw 969 incidents that claimed 466 lives, while city roads saw 268 deaths in 958 road accidents in 2021.According to the RTOs survey, various organizations NMC, NIT, state PWD, NHAI, etc.

There have been 66 black spots found throughout the city and rural areas.The most dangerous stretches (42) were in Nagpur rural, according to the road safety study.This was followed by 13 and 11 under the Nagpur East and Nagpur City RTO jurisdictions, respectively.Corrective actions were taken at 48 points, according to the survey.

According to the report, 60 percent of road accidents were caused by overspeeding, accounting for 63 percent of the deaths.According to the survey, over 41 percent of two-wheeler riders died as a result of head injuries because they did not wear a helmet.According to the study, 13% of four-wheeler drivers died as a result of the absence of seatbelts, quoting the Supreme Court Road Safety Committee.However, the Mumbai transportation commissioners office has designated Rs80,000 (City), Rs45,000 (East) and Rs80,000 (Rural) as the Road Safety Fund.

The RTO (Nagpur rural) flying squad had punished 2,963 motorists for violating various provisions of the Motor Vehicles Act, including driving without a helmet, not using a seatbelt, using mobile while driving, and overloading of vehicles.Out of these actions, the transportation department also suspended the driving licenses of 6,185 (City), 1,631 (East), and 1,132 (Rural) drivers, respectively, for reckless driving.