Details on the handmade Paithani saree Sonalee Paithani created for her wedding are provided below.

Sonalee Kulkarni wanted to have a unique destination wedding in India . She wanted to include a doli in her saree as an homage to Indian wedding traditions .

Sonalee Kulkarni, the actress, was specific about the kind of wedding she wanted.On the dream wedding list were: a unique destination, a traditional style wedding, and adorning a custom-designed wedding saree!She knew in her heart that all boxes were ticked for her dream destination wedding when she stepped into the picturesque venue with a Marathi traditional wedding venue, sporting her custom-designed traditional Sonalee Paithani wedding saree.Sonalee Kulkarni said about her wedding, saying, I am proud Maharashtrian and love my heritage and traditions.

Me in a Paithani saree, in a gorgeous Marathi style mandap, and everything around us reflects our heritage.My traditional Sonalee Paithani saree was a hit among local customers in the United Kingdom, and it was actually a superb saree made specifically for me.Sonalee also mentioned that she was very specific about the style and appearance she wanted on her saree for her big day.She also wanted to include a doli in her saree as an homage to Indian wedding traditions.

With a doli on the kaath, they made a beautiful bottle of green all over saree with pink, yellow, and golden zari flowers.The saree is a full-saree, which means that there is delicate handloom work all over the saree.The weavers usually take about 4 months to create a customized saree, but for Sonalee Kulkarni, who is also their brand ambassador, they had the saree ready in just 45 days!Sonalee Kulkarni says I had to wait two years for my true wedding, a destination wedding, in a place that had never seen an India wedding let alone a Marathi wedding, adorning a custom saree and celebrating her big day, surrounded by her loved ones.