DGP: Mysuru's policing will get better because to technology

Karnataka police to install cameras on expressway from Mysuru to Bengaluru . Police chief Praveen Sood says cameras will be used to keep an eye on suspicious persons and miscreants .

In Mysuru, Karnataka police will use modern surveillance equipment, such as closed-circuit television cameras, to keep an eye on suspicious persons and miscreants.On the new expressway from Mysuru to Bengaluru, high-resolution cameras will be installed to monitor the vehicle movement.Director-general and police chief Karnataka Praveen Sood confirmed that further security cameras will be deployed in Mysuru city.We can't afford to lose manpower.

According to a DGP, even the NH-275 would have cameras between Mysuru and Bengaluru.Miscreants, according to an officer, tend to leave the area after breaking the rules in order to escape capture.Arranging cameras would surely enable the investigating officers to spot or find out more about the criminals.He said that technology would be used to keep an eye on suspect people's illicit activities and movements.

They had come to Mysuru city for work, and when returning, they committed a serious offense.Their detention within a week allowed cops to track down other offences, including a robbery by them.According to the cops, they assaulted single travelers during the night hours and attacked them.In some cases, bike-borne criminals have left the city after robbering women of their gold chains.