Dhabas and canteens are allowed on campus, but they must abide by the rules and pay their costs. VC Pandit Santishree Dhulipudi

Jawaharlal Nehru University Vice-Chancellor Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit said the administration was not against such establishments being constructed, but that they are encouraged to follow the laws and pay their bills . Pandit expressed concern over the obscurity surrounding the ownership of these dhabas and the types of workers employed there .

NEW DELHI (New Delhi) — Vice-Chancellor Santishree Dhulipudi Pandit said the JNU's eviction notices on several dhabas and canteens on the campus were issued within days, but that the administration was not against such establishments being constructed, but that they are encouraged to follow the laws and pay their bills.According to her, the owners of such establishments on campus are illegal occupants who have not paid their rent or electricity bills for years.The university was able to pay in installments, she said, because she said it was straightforward for them.We are only trying to legalize.

They don't want to pay anything.In an interview with PTI on Wednesday, the Jawaharlal Nehru University VC said that they want it all free.Last month, the varsity sent eviction notices to several canteen and dhaba owners on campus, encouraging them to pay the rent by June 27 and vacate the premises by June 30.Regardless, the university hasn't taken any action against the creators as of now.

She pointed out that none of the canteen and Dhaba owners who have been served the notices has gone through the correct allotment procedure.These are all illegal dhabas.The JNU Campus Development Committee (JNU Campus Development Committee) was not completed by anyone.Tell them to give me the ownership information.

It's government property, said Pandit.Officials claim that the JNU Campus Development Committee (CDC) provides the allotment of shops on the campus.She also expressed concerns about the cleanliness of such establishments and the likelihood of encountering child or bonded labor at the workplaces.The shabas are so dirty.

They don't pay the water bill.Who pays for an electricity bill of Rs 36 crore per year, she said.I don't know if there is anyone who works here-I don't know whether they do child labor or bonded labor.She said, We don't know anything.

These warnings sent the canteen workers into panic, saying they are too hard up to pay the dues and risk losing their jobs entirely.When asked if the bills are in lakhs and the dhabas owners are worried about paying it, the vicechancellor said the university is open to allowing them to pay in installments, but that they haven't responded to the notices yet.I would have thrown them out by June 30th if I had actually done so.I would have called the police and evicted them.

We are not against you being here.We want to organize them.Let them begin to pay.They haven't paid a penny until now.