Dhaka notes Beijing's absence from the discussion of the tensions at the Myanmar border.

China skipped Bangladesh meeting of non-ASEAN countries on September 23 . Ministry of External Affairs claims to have spotted the problem .

China skipped Bangladeshs discussion of Myanmars military activities on the border in Dhaka on September 23.The Ministry of External Affairs claims to have spotted the problem.Experts on the other hand say that Chinas position on Myanmar is not surprising, according to Bangladesh Live News.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs has contacted the ambassadors and high commissioners of non-ASEAN countries living in Dhaka to inform them of Myanmars military activities along the border.

Representatives from Russia and India were absent but they came.The meeting took place in parallel to the European Union member countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Egypt, South Korea, Turkey, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, and Japan, according to Bangladesh Live News.According to experts, China's absence is seen as a breach of diplomatic etiquette.They acknowledge this incident as showing China's vehement support for Myanmar, according to Bangladesh Live News.

However, no representative of China was found.The ambassador may be busy doing other work, but he could bring a representative if necessary.Despite being part of Chinas Belt and Road Initiative and seeing an increase in exports and investments, Bangladesh continues to be Chinas lackey.Moreover, Bangladesh is suffering from the unethical conduct of Chinese companies in Dhaka, where the country authorities have discovered a lot of cases of tax fraud and smuggling of items ranging from cigarettes to alcohol, among other things.