Dia Mirza recalls his health state of necrotizing enterocolitis on his son's first birthday.

Dia Mirza's son, Avyaan Azaad, turned one on Saturday . Actor wrote a note to her son on Instagram .

Mumbai (Maharashtra) India – May 14 : As her son, Avyaan Azaad, turned one on Saturday, actor Dia Mirza penned an emotional note recalling how the little one coped with difficult health issues.Our Jaan, our miracle, you were born on this day one year ago with the album Imagine.At 820 grams, you were three months premature.We learned you had necrotizing enterocolitis 36 hours after birth and had to undergo life-saving surgery.

She said, After you gained strength and weight you went back to hospital for a second operation that lasted four and a half hours.According to her, the doctors prepared us for the worst and said returning home with us would take a minimum of 21 days.Dia also disclosed that Avyaans first name was Tiger.Avyaan Azaad, you were able to come home with us on day 9!

You are now catching up on all your milestones, are content, playful, and loving, as we say to you.Every single day, you fill our hearts with joy and appreciation.We are amazed and amused by the first spoken word, Tiger, as she wrote.All of your doctors and nurses are giving you the best care possible, and we will be forever grateful.You have inherited a world that will be relying on your love, grace, empathy, and compassion, Avyaan Azaad.

You do it every day, too.Keep in mind that you are love.Our son's birthday is coming to an end.Dia said, Thank you for choosing us.