Diarrhoea epidemic in Patiala causes 2 deaths and over 80 illnesses.

Two children aged 2 to 5 years died and over 80 people became sick in the royal city of Patiala . 14 people were hospitalized as a result of diarrhea, according to health officials .

PATIALA, Philippines — Following the outbreak of diarrhea in the royal city of Patiala, two children aged 2 to 5 years died and over 80 people became sick.Around 14 people were hospitalized as a result of diarrhea, according to health officials, and the total number of people who have fallen ill in the last two days has surpassed the mark of 80.Since the outbreak was announced last evening, the district administration and the health teams have been on their toes.Nakul, a 5-year-old girl who died on Friday, has been named as Mehak, and a two-year-old girl who contracted pneumonia on Saturday.

The investigation has begun to uncover the source of the disease, but there has yet to be a clear leakage or mixing of sewage water in the area within the New Mahindra Colony that falls under Ward No.40.Officials also discovered that among the diarrhea-infected people in this colony, many were migrant laborers who were living in unsanitary conditions in their homes.During the inspection, the municipal body officials noticed that some of the affected residents were also draining water from taps that were also being used for the washroom.

He said that temporary dispensaries have been established and that areas near the affected New Mahindra colony will also be investigated.We have carried out an investigation in the area where people have been experiencing diarrhea, but no exact reason is being determined until the water samples are collected, according to Joint Commissioner Patiala Municipal Corporation, Naman Markan.So far, no problem or leakage has been identified in the sewage pipelines into the water pipelines.The color of water from the faucets remains unchanged.

Since the disease was announced, the civic organization bodies have been notified, and they are doing their best to assist the residents.Sandeep Malhotra, MC Ward No.40, said that three water tanks have been provided in the area for drinking purposes, and that there may be some minor sewage water leakage which has not been made clear in the notice, and that the water colour might not have changed due to this minor leakage.After the water sample results are published, the precise reason will be revealed.

To date, there have been about 76 patients with diarrhea diagnosed.There have been developed special medical camps, which have been equipped with a team of doctors and paramedical personnel to conduct the tests.