Discuss alternatives Indian students awaiting visas are asked to let Canada know if they won't make it in time for class.

Canadian High Commission in Delhi tweets students who have yet to receive visas . Many students have had to rethink travel plans and rethink travel plans .

NEW DELHI: The Canadian High Commission in Delhi has urged Indian students who are due to attend universities there this fall but have yet to receive their visas to discuss options (with varsities) if they are unable to arrive in time for classes.According to the mission, it has received an unprecedented number of (student visa) applications.Visa applicants: We know that a large number of you have had long waiting times with your applications, according to a series of tweets released by the high commission on Thursday.Despite applying several weeks or months in advance, many haven't received visa notice and have had to rethink travel plans, according to us.

We have been processing applications throughout the year, including study permits for the September 2022 intake.Each week, thousands of students in India are receiving their visas.We will continue to make every effort to shorten wait times for an unprecedented number of applications.The most common processing time for study permit applications (inclusive Student Direct Stream) is 12 weeks.

Students who are still waiting on the outcome of their visa applications to contact their Designated Learning Institution in Canada to discuss options if they are unable to arrive in time for the start of classes, according to the HC.A Canadian HC spokesperson reported on Tuesday (Aug 16) that Canada has seen a jump in the number of study permit applications this year.Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) received about 123,500 study permit requests from Indian residents in the first five months of 2022, or 55% more than during the same period in 2019, prior to the pandemic.The Illinois Institute of Rural and College (IRCC) processed 221,522 study permit applications between January and May 2022.

This compares to the 128,021 processed in the same year as the pandemic.According to the spokesperson, this represents a 73% increase in the processing of study permits so far in 2022 relative to the same period in 2019.To ensure students get to the fall semester on schedule, the IRCC is committed to processing study permit applications as quickly as possible.The summer season is generally the time of year when the most study permit applications are processed by the IRCC.

We encourage applicants to apply early enough to compensate for this.Applications must be complete, otherwise they could be delayed.In order to speed up application processing globally, the IRCC is moving towards a more integrated, modernized, and centralized working environment.We're continuing our attempts to eliminate application inventories accumulated during the pandemic, which are supported by additional funding of $85 million from the 2021 Economic and Fiscal Update.