Doctor in Bengaluru loses Rs. 1.6L while attempting to buy cement

Dr. Sharan, 51, lost Rs 1.6 lakh after ordering cement sacks online .

BENGALURU: On June 17, a 51-year-old healthcare practitioner from Yelahanka lost Rs 1.6 lakh after ordering cement sacks online.According to Dr. Sharan (name changed), a resident of Yelahanka, he had started the construction of a residential building at Judicial Layout earlier this year and was paying over Rs 370 for a sack of cement.He recently received a WhatsApp message informing him that cement is available for Rs 320 per sack.He displayed an appetite to purchase cement to save money.

Sharan, a miscreant, promised Sharan the cement on June 20.Sharan did not get the cement and attempted to contact the suspect for assistance.But he discovered that the suspects' cellphone had been turned off.He realized he had been tricked by a cybercriminal and lost money.

Police have filed a bribe and cybercrime complaint, and efforts are underway to track down and deter the thief.