Docus, raut president of the society for which he received property from NIT

Nitin Raut is president of the Peoples Progressive Education Society . He urged the Nagpur Improvement Trust to allot land to the society .

Nagpur: According to papers filed with the journal, guardian minister Nitin Raut is president of the Peoples Progressive Education Society, for which he urged that Nagpur Improvement Trust (NIT) to allot land.He and his immediate family are also office bearers of the company.The land was allotted to the society after two of four NIT trustees, Congress MLA Vikas Thakre and Shiv Senas Sandeep Itkelwar, authorized NIT chairman Manoj Kumar Suryawanshi to make a decision.Other trustees in a meeting included Suryawanshi and Supriya Thul from the states town planning department.

Sumedha, Rauts wife's secretary, hoped for the 23,664 sq ft property in a letter.According to Rauts affidavit filed before the 2019 assembly elections, he and Sumedha have an equal investment of Rs5,75,000 in the society.Raut, in his capacity as minister, wrote to the NIT chairman, recommending the allotment.The names of the office bearers haven't been updated since 2010, according to the paperwork.

Although Thakre and Itkelwar refused to give their support, the board approved the proposal, according to the meeting minutes.There is no mention of the two giving Suryawanshi authority to make a decision.The parcel was allocated without soliciting an application from any interested parties.The civic office will now have to present a draft proposal to the state government, seeking a change in the NIT Land Disposal Rules for handing over the property to the society.

Suryawanshi should also be punished for failing to comply with regulations, she said.