Driving nightmare along the waterfall at the Dwarka flyover

Nashik: Water pours down broken pipes and pales with bikers . The problem posed by cracked pipes was worse on Thursday than on Friday .

Nashik: In the midst of a downpour, a journey along the nearly 6km stretch of the Dwarka flyover from Indiranagar to K K Wagh College is a nightmare for motorists and bikers, with rainwater pouring down the broken pipelines and colliding with them at a depth of 15-20 meters.It's a double whammy for the bikers, as they struggle to balance their two-wheelers through the water coming down from For four-wheeler drivers, the challenge is to remain steadfast on the wheels while avoiding the water that falls on the windscreen and reduces their visibility.Commuters said the problem has been going on for a long time.The rain spells on Thursday and Friday were too heavy for them, according to a driver, who described the situation all along the elevated corridor from Indiranagar to the K K Wagh College.

From a height of nearly 20 meters, the water was crashing down in great force on Friday.I was riding my bike.Ashok Pawar, a Kathe Galli resident, said that balance it while riding through the water was a challenge.I see water coming down from the flyover near the Mumbai Naka junction,' he said.

Bikers are often hit by water and slush on the roads, according to a senior official of the National Highways Authority of India (NHAI) in Nashik.The pipes were damaged by the mud getting clogged inside, according to a senior official.On the elevated corridor, the mud of the vehicle tyres also formed.If the weather is heavy, the situation worsens.

The problem posed by the cracked pipes was worse on Thursday than on Friday, according to police officers.