Drones are used by farmers in Haveri to spray nano urea.

Farmers in Haveri district of Haveri are using drones to spray nano urea fertiliser . Nano urea is a liquid version of the widely used fertilizer .

Haveri: Farmers in many villages in the district of Haveri seem to be becoming more computer-savvy with each passing year.Farmers have used drones to spray the same on their fields as part of the department of agriculture's push for the use of nano urea, a liquid version of the widely used fertilizer.The Multiplex Drone Pvt Ltd, a one of the few companies that provide drones to farmers on rent, is one such company.Spraying the fertilizer over an acre takes 7 to 8 minutes, saving farmers a considerable amount of time, as well as labor costs.

A 500-ml bottle of nano urea costs Rs 240, while solid urea costs Rs 270 per kg.Farmers are advised to mix water with nano urea before sprinkling the fertiliser on their fields by officials in the department of agriculture.Manish S, the head of sales at Multiplex Drones Pvt Ltd, admitted to a rise in demand for drones from farmers in 2022 relative to the previous year.Manish compared the more economical method of spraying fertilisers to a drone, saying that while one tank holds 9.5l of nano urea and 500ml of nano urea for one acre, a drone can cover the same area with just 10 tanks.

Farmers are saving both time and money by doing so.At one point, we were unable to supply drones to a few farmers.Haveri, the deputy director of the department of agriculture, said the use of nano urea had been increasing among the farmers in the district.The Indian Farmers Fertilizer Cooperative Ltd. makes nano urea.

Drones have also been used to spray nano urea, and many farmers in the district have already adopted this innovative method, according to Manjunath, assistant director of agriculture.Sridharmurty DM said that nano urea has greatly reduced the damage that has been done to the soil's health.Since the fertilizer is sprayed on the leaves, it greatly reduces the chances of the soil getting contaminated.In addition, inter-cropping will help to restore soil fertility.

However, a farmer in Haveri, Kiran Gadigol, said that using a drone to spray fertiliser on their fields was prohibitive.According to him, the government needs to take steps to fix the price for drone operators so that more farmers can afford them.