Due to my failure to pay for the CRZ study, a demolition order has been issued.

Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA) has agreed to hold the demolition of an alleged illegal building in North Goa until the Tribunals next hearings . The GCZMA had started its trials against the accused suspect after hearing allegations and allegations of fraud .

Panaji: The Goa Coastal Zone Management Authority (GCZMA), which is a regional environmental authority, has agreed to hold the demolition of an alleged illegal building in North Goa until the Tribunal's next hearings.The applicant told the NGT that the GCZMA had asked the suspected criminal to pay for a CRZ study of the area.The accused infringer told the Tribunal that it is against natural justice to lean on the CRZ report.The GCZMA issued the demolition order because the NGT could not afford to pay for the CRZ study, according to the NGT.

During the hearings, the authority admitted that it does not have a specific map of the high tide line (HTL) and the no-development zone (NDZ) line along Goas coast.According to GCZMA, the Union environment ministry has designated the National Center for Sustainable Coastal Management (NCSCM) in Chennai as the sole agency responsible for the identification and delimitation of HTL.According to the GCZMA, the authority decided to ask the respondent (alleged violator) to demarcate the CRZ line and the ecologically vulnerable area if any, using the NCSCM, Chennai, at his own expense and submit the same to this authority.A demolition order against the suspected terrorists was issued later that day.

Approaching the NGT, the owner said that the burden of the CRZ study should not be placed on him.He argued that there is no particular map depicting the HTL line and the NDZ, and that it was against the principles of natural justice to force the NCSCM, Chennai, to perform the CRZ analysis for the property in question at his own expense.The appellant had to spend so much money and keep the report up-to-date, so the impugned order ordering the demolition of the property in question was thrown against him, the plaintiff explained to the NGT.The GCZMA later assured the Tribunal that no demolition would be carried out until the NGT holds further hearings.