During a police operation in Uttar Pradesh, a man was detained for shooting a woman.

Police arrested Jitendra Yadav, 42, who allegedly used to extort money from cow slaughtering . Yadav fired when the cops were questioning Roshni's son Abdul Rehman .

Following a police raid in Siddharthnagars Kodara Grant village on Monday, police said they figured out the mystery by arresting the 42-year-old man.Police said the accused, Jitendra Yadav, would use to extort money from residents who were involved in cow slaughter.On Sunday, the son of the deceased, Roshni, filed a lawsuit against unidentified police officers.According to a police official, Yadav fired when the cops were questioning Roshnis son Abdul Rehman.

The deceased woman's family handed over an empty cartridge they had found at the crime scene to the police.According to him, the pistol confiscated from Yadav and the cartridge would be sent to a ballistic test center.Yadav would extort money from residents of Kodara Grant village who were allegedly involved in cow slaughtering.He opened fire at the audience who had assembled to oppose the police team when they were questioning Abdul on Saturday evening.

After a few probes, they decided to take Roshnis son Abdul for examination.Roshni and other villagers argued with the police while they were leaving.The situation took a terrible turn when locals pelted stones at the police team.Roshni was shot in the resulting chaos.