Dyeing facility in Ludhiana discovered dumping untreated water into sewer line

Officials suggest department be prosecuted by Punjab Pollution Control Board . Officials said common effluent treatment plants are used for treatment of wastewater coming from dyeing plants .

LUDHIANA, India (LADHIANA) — At Focal Point in Ludhiana, municipal officials noticed one dyeing unit spilling untreated water in a sewer line.Officials also suggested that the department be prosecuted by the Punjab Pollution Control Board (PPCB).Officials said they discovered about the dyeing station when they noticed it, and field staff was dispatched to the scene for assistance.When teams descended on the spot, it emerged that the factory owner had laid down one sewer line at least 1,000 feet deep up to the sewer manhole.

They claimed to have alerted the PPCB authorities about this incident, and water samples were taken from the field.On the other hand, the owners of dyeing units have promised to continue to help with the investigation because they did nothing wrong and their discharge is going to CETP.