Eight weeks to leave Anand Vihar: Gujarat High Court

Gujarat high court allows housing board to redevelop Anand Vihar Society . Oppositioning members of the colony to leave their homes in eight weeks .

AHMEDABAD: The Gujarat high court has allowed the Rehabilitation of Anand Vihar Society of the Gujarat Housing Board on 132-ft Ring Road in Vastrapur by requiring oppositioning members of the colony to leave their houses in eight weeks.The court ruled that majority members should not be forced to suffer at the expense of a few members.The controversy lasted four years after 132 members decided to redevelop the community in 2018.The decision was made to seek redevelopment after the 40-year-old building was in jeopardy.

The board accepted the plan and brought in a developer.It asked residents to hand over possession of their homes and to eradicate illicit structures in the society built by certain members.Some of the dissatisfied participants, on top of the opposition parties, refused to leave their buildings.In 2019 and 2020, the GHB issued three notices.

Justice Sandeep Bhatt accepted the society's decision for redevelopment after hearing the matter.