Every Tamil Nadu home will receive a family health card.

Every household in Tamil Nadu will receive family health cards with names of children, age, occupation, health status, and treatment . The cards will be available to every household in the municipality and state .

CHENNAI: Every household in the state will receive family health cards with the names of their children, their age, occupation, health status, and treatment, according to health minister Ma Subramanian.People will be tested and treated for diabetes and hypertension at their doorsteps, as part of Makkalai Thedi Maruthuvam, as well as dialysis kits, physiotherapy, and palliative care.According to the mayor of Chennai, the Greater Chennai Corporation has distributed these cards to several families in the region.The city started the initiative late in the year because we wanted to focus on people who live in rugged terrain, remote villages, and rural areas.

He said that the civic department's model family brochure will now be available to every household in the municipality and state.The American Medical Association (AMA) has screened individuals for diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, cancer (oral, breast, and cervix), mental illness, pulmonary disease, TB, chronic kidney disease, leprosy, and tuberculosis.In the manual, follow-up instructions are also included.Officials claim the aim is to have a map and assessment of health conditions in the state and the health status of the population to improve policy choices.

So far, we have reported that 33 lakh people have hypertension, 23.1 lakh have diabetes, and 16.8 lakh have a combination of all of these illnesses.At least three lakh people have been given palliative care, and around 6 lakh have been given physiotherapy.So far, the city has evaluated 17 lakh people, out of which 1.9 lakh people have been diagnosed with hypertension and 1.5 lakh have diabetes, according to the minister.Peoples doorsteps have been served with medications, dialysis kits, physiotherapy, and palliative care by health professionals.

Screening is done in outreach medical camps and in hospitals, according to he.The state, according to the minister, will talk about the success of this scheme at the World Economic Forum in Switzerland.Subramanian said that Union minister Mansukh Mandaviya, who was enthralled by the scheme, has invited us to address the conference.