Exclusive: Bengalurean completes half-Ironman triathlon on her first attempt while swimming, cycling, and running

Neeti Gokhalay Kheny completed the Half Ironman triathlon in the Netherlands . She chose the lake or ocean, or a flatter route for the bicycle, and chose the location .

During the lockout, Neeti Gokhalay Kheny took to cycling.Since beginning to work out at home, she found a way to make the workouts more enjoyable by watching videos of people participating in the Ironman triathlons, which made her feel she was in good company.The Bengaluru man completed the Half Ironman triathlon (typically called 70.3), one of the World Triathlon Corporation's long-distance triathlons, in 7hrs 36 mins and 22 seconds, including transitions between each leg.I've even heard of this Ironman triathlon, so I've heard of it before.

I also read Rich Roll's Finding Ultra, in which he refers to this race, which made me even more intrigued at that time.It all began as a YouTube video and a book, Neeti, who runs a graphic design studio in the area, explains.Neeti began training with her coach, Vinay Basvaraj, in October after making up her mind to go with it last year.I wanted someone to help me with all three.

It started with short runs, swimming and cycling for an hour.From January, I began structured training for the Westfriesland triathlon.What were Neeti's challenges as an athlete?I'm not a good runner, and it would still play on my mind.

Swimming and cycling were fine for me.I didnt know if I could do all of it together.You know that feeling emotionally is on your mind.The obstacles were also largely mental.

Participants in the Ironman triathlon can pick the location where they want to compete, and Neeti chose the Netherlands.There are filters available for a lake or the ocean, or a flatter route for the bicycle, and depending on that, you can choose the location.Since it was my first experiment, I wanted to find something that I thought would be much more convenient.I expected the lake to be less choppy than the ocean, but I was wrong (laughs).

According to Neeti, it made cycling a bit easier, and she hopes to do another half Ironman next year.I'm going to travel to a cooler world next time.I'm still in the process of deciding on a race.For the time being, I like this habit of getting up every morning and having something to do in terms of stretching.

And next time, I hope to finish it faster.