Exclusive to TOI Plus: Taliban were unaware of Zawahiris' presence in Kabul

Suhail Shaheen is a Doha-based Taliban leader . Shaheen is known for calling up anchors during live television interviews .

Suhail Shaheen, a Doha-based Taliban leader, has dominated the news media.Shaheen is known for calling up anchors during live television interviews, and he is patient with agressive audience.He is also the head of the militias' political office and Afghanistan's permanent representative (designate) in the United Nations.Shaheen addresses the status of women in Taliban-ruled Afghanistan, the assassination of al-Qaida leader Ayman al Zawahari in Kabul, and the role of terror organizations operating on Afghanistan's soil in an interview with Harinder Baweja.

Our victories, when compared to the past, include a sense of stability throughout the region.Before fighting, about 200-300 Afghans were killed every day on both sides, but that has now been over.Corrupty was prevalent in all echelons of the former regime, but this isn't the case anymore.Our internal revenues have increased by almost 200%.

We inherited poverty from the former Kabul administration, and the sanctions that we now face have contributed to people's sufferings, but those who slashed the sanctions bear the brunt of it.